Steve Rowes

Tattoo Artist

Hello, My name is Steve Rowes thanks for checking out my portfolio. I have been tattooing professionally for the last 14 years. I specialize in Neo Traditional and Realistic Tattoos Mixed; in Color, Black and Grey. Please be Open-Minded in letting me have the Freedom-to-Create and elaborate on your ideas – This will allow me to design something truly rad for you! If you’re looking for a copy of another artists’ works—then I am Not the artist for you. 😊

My focus is Larger Artistic Neo-Traditional Style Tattoos

I Do-Not do Coverups and (Once-Again) Reworks of other artists tattoo-work. I Also don’t do Roman-Numerals, Writing Names, Numbers or Religious-Tattoos.

I have a $600-minimum for starting all Custom Tattoos. Your price will be determined during an In-Person Consultation that we must discuss through email first.

Now that you have read everything above and before you send me a message please, keep in mind I’m only doing custom tattoos with my-own-style. If you haven’t seen my tattoo work then I suggest you look over my portfolio so you know the type of work I specialize in.  If your idea/design isn’t something that is my style– I guarantee that I have an artist in my shop that will be able to bring your ideas to life.

Currently I’m booking appointments 1-2 months in advance. 

When messaging me please describe to me exactly what you want tattooed: Tattoo Ideas – Reference Ideas/Photos – Placement – Tattoo Size – Color or Black & Grey? Please let me know. 
Our shop is very busy currently and we will Not-Respond if you do not send me the basic information that I need in order to respond. Please fill out our form thoroughly. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!