Andrew Audish

Tattoo Artist

Hello potential client! Thanks for your interest in my work 🙂 At this moment I am only taking on custom/original art pieces that consist of heavy black, lines, dots, abstract, watercolor type of art ( this does not include tribal , I DO NOT do tribal ). I am also doing color pieces, depends on what’s being done. If you are somebody who has looked at my work and trusts my artistic ability, and will let me take complete artistic freedom on your new tattoo, and not just say you do, then we could talk business. I DO NOT do cover ups/re touches on other artists work. I also DO NOT copy and paste other artists work, I’m willing to use a point of reference, but as long as you understand that the reference is used as inspiration, not a stencil. I have a $600 minimum ( this is starting, and for custom art pieces ) . You can send over the  idea ( as best as you can describe it )/reference, picture of area wanting the tattoo, and if you would like it to be color or black and grey. I am booking for July as of now.

Thank you, and hope to work with you soon!